Top 5 Weird Student Petitions of All Times

Of all times, students protest have hit the news headlines and placed an unbeatable record to be the most bizarre and together with it to be very effective. Since school began, the number of student’s petitions is countless. Some of these petitions have been to introduce and inflict change either in their schools or the entire society while others are to reject changes made in their environment. With everything considered, it is clear that all these dissents have come as a result of dissatisfaction in the students. Also, if you’re struggling with assignments and asking is it reliable, contact them for academic excellence. Read on to see the top 5 of the most outstanding weird student petitions.

1. Skin Suit petition (My dress - my choice) - University of Kaposvár, Hungary

It's not the first time learning institutions restricted how students should wear at school. In October 2013, students at Hungary’s University of Kaposvár stripped naked in their classes as they couldn’t take the strict dressing code anymore. Men were supposed to dress dark shoes and jackets, and women to wear shirts, coats, and pants or longer skirts.

2. No Library Protest– University of South Florida, USA

Following a reduction in college library’s opening hours from 24 hours to 16 ½ hours (7.30 a.m to 00.00), the students of the University of South Florida opted to a library sit-out. They claimed not to have full access to the facility would not be beneficial to their studies. A number of students camped outside the library from midnight to dawn. Others signed a petition against the decreased library hours. They were relentless until the university gave in to their demands and restored the normal 24 hours access to the library. Best essay writing service reviews will help with any essay assignments.

3. Kissing Protest – Santiago, Chile

“Love is free, education isn’t” This was the driving theme of this protest. Students protested against lowered education standards and rising tuition fees. This wasn’t strange, but how the way these Chile students did was out of ordinary. Many students were seen in the open streets of Santiago kissing each other right before the city’s Metropolitan Cathedral. Many by-passers got caught by this and saw it as fun and even clapped. The protest grew fruits, and a new education fund was proposed. Moreover, interest rates on student loans were reduced from six to two percent. Read positive wiseessays reviews and see why you should choose them for your essay homework.

4. Stripping Protest - Quebec, Canada

This petition featured male students walking in their underwear only. Apparently, students had protested the hike of tuition fees in the same region. Quite a good number of students from various schools - around 193,000 walked in the streets of Montreal for several months. The walking-in-underwear was targeting the government’s attention to address their issues. This was different from what many protesters did, as many would have preferred masks rather than underwear. Luckily, soon after the petition, the tuition fees hike didn’t take place.

5. Free cigars protest – University of North Texas, USA

In 2011, a smoking ban was introduced at the University of North Texas. This brought a lot of heat to the administration and local officials as many students didn’t comply. The students formed the Young Americans for Liberty, portraying themselves as followers of Ron Paul, a 2012 Republican presidential nominee eminent for his libertarian attitude. The students gave out free cigarettes on the streets and also in the school to encourage as many people as possible to support their movement. The protest was steered by a statement made by one of the student leaders “I believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility.” However, despite all these efforts made by the students to ridicule this smoking ban, the policy was established anyways. Don’t struggle with your academic assignments, unipapers review is here to help.